Tina from Moody, Maine

As soon as I came home from the hospital with my daughter I  began reading to her, as well as going to the library for    childrens reading groups for the added excitement. She also grew    up seeing me read on a daily basis. I was hoping that this would    spark that love of reading, the thirst for knowledge. The ability    to go any place in the world,any place in time, and experience    life diffrently in your mind.

Well it worked. One day the school librarian asked her why she likes to read so many History books. My daughter responded with" My Mom said that anyone can travel anyplace in the world to any time and see how people lived and see in your mind what it was like by reading about it....so...I like seeing how people lived along time ago in my mind." I was so proud of her at that moment.

And I know that she has read on her own about Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, the Oregon Trail, and she said she was reading the history of baseball. She also loves to read books that are written like the diary of a person from long ago, and fantasy to of course. After all she is only eight.

Needless to say she is now being tested for the gifted and talented programs in her
school for Language arts, and History. And to think it all started eight years ago in the small public library.