Theora from Beaumont, Texas

 I appreciate the Theodore Johns Public Library in Beaumont, TX I obtain my library card in 2005, matter of fact my whole family did. We found that we were able to check books, movies, and even the use of computers.

We did not have a computer at the time and I was not use to using one, but my children helped me set up my email account and then I just tried learning all I could about web and blogging and since then God has enabled me to purchase my own computers, but there is a comfort in knowing that if I run into a time that I can not get to my computer I can always go to a public library in Beaumont, TX and find one.

Also with children in college and high school the public library is also a good resource for writing thesis, and other reports. Hats off to Theodore Johns library. Sincerely,
     Theora, Beaumont, TX