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Book Blogger Profile: Steph the Bookworm

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College student, aspiring librarian and “nerd extraordinaire” (or so she says!), Stephanie Territo loves books.  So much so, in fact, that she launched a blog (  to showcase her clear skill for reviewing them. Since Stephanie’s favorite genres are “Contemporary fiction, literary fiction, women's fiction, suspense, chick-lit, memoir, YA, and horror,” there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy in her delightful blog.

We spotted her post “I Love Library”, a movie reference – not a typo! -  and knew we’d found a perfect match for our I Love Libraries readers and fans.  Stephanie graciously agreed to answer a few questions for us; about her life-long love of books and libraries, and her future as a librarian. Now, without any further ado, please enjoy getting to know Stephanie here – but don’t forget to check out her blog!

At Queens Library, Clothes Make the Man

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Kew Gardens Hills, NY, August 31, 2010 -- The children's librarians at Queens Library have been one-upping each other on summer reading challenges for years. The jury is still out for 2010; there are still several promising stunts to come. Daniel Meyer's will definitely be a contender for "notably outrageous."

Mr. Meyer is the children's librarian at Queens Library at Kew Gardens Hills. He promised to dress as Cinderella if his summer readers met their challenge. They blew it away. 

Common Launches “The Corner” through the Common Ground Foundation

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The Common Ground Foundation, created by hip hop artist, actor, and children’s author Lonnie Rashid Lynn, known as “Common,” dedicates itself to the empowerment and development of urban youth in the United States. Common’s social-conscience message is the cornerstone of the Foundation’s vision and serves as an inspiration for equality, opportunity, and hope among youth in underserved communities. The Foundation is committed to empowering youth in urban neighborhoods and providing them with the life skills they need to achieve their dreams.