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Stephen and Tabitha King offer to cover one-third of $9 million Bangor library renovation, if library finds ways to foot the rest of the bill

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BANGOR, Maine — Authors Stephen and Tabitha King have pledged $3 million toward renovations at Bangor’s century-old public library, as long as the library reaches its goal of raising another $6 million, according to the library’s director.

The Bangor Public Library has kicked off a $9 million fundraising effort in an attempt to modernize its building for the next generation of users and to protect its more than 500,000 volumes, Director Barbara McDade said Tuesday. 

The Kings offered to pay one-third of that bill as long as the library figured out how to come up with the rest.

Library wedding proposal: one for the books: Chicago ad exec Jason Methner wrote a marriage proposal into a children’s book — and tricked his girlfriend into finding it.

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A 31-year-old Chicago advertising executive has written a marriage proposal that is one for the books, portraying himself as a tortoise and his girlfriend as the hare (or, in this case, bunny).

Jason Methner is the creative mind behind the illustrated account of his relationship with his girlfriend, Molly Lipsitz.

He had the book, titled A Hare-y Tale, illustrated by friend Yoni Limor and placed the bound volume among the “new arrivals” in a Chicago library for his 27-year-old girlfriend to find.

The book refers to some of the activities they have done as a couple in their 4½-year relationship.

Transforming Lives Through Partnerships: Libraries are uniquely positioned to serve new immigrants and other adult English-language learners.

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Library staff at the Wood County District Public Library reached out to local ESL teachers to ask what materials it should purchase with funds from the American Dream Starts @ your library grant.

Live at Your Library!

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It’s hard to miss the ever-growing enthusiasm for the “buy local” movement. People want locally grown food, locally made handicrafts, locally created products. Now is the best time for libraries to join that movement and provide space in their collections for local content, particularly local music. These collections are a plus for libraries in terms of economics, partnerships, and plugging libraries into the local creative “scene.”

Library as a Starting Point to Revitalize Tz’utujil Language

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Located in the heart of the town of San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala, the Community Library Rija'tzuul Na'ooj regularly buzzes with activity. In one corner of the library, a new area provides a space for schoolchildren to partake in educational games. On the other side of the main room, younger children listen attentively as a volunteer reads aloud during storytime. And once a week, an elder resident of the community sits down with teenagers to share a little bit of his or her wisdom attained throughout a lifetime.

Libraries Weather the Superstorm

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Beyond temporary power outages and minor wind and water damage, libraries along the Atlantic coast weathered Superstorm Sandy fairly well, considering all the flooding and destruction inflicted on homes and businesses. Although some areas of central New Jersey were still without power six days after the storm, many public libraries in affected states were powered up and serving as community support centers for residents without electricity, internet access, or heat.