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Alsea Community Library

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Alsea is a tiny unincorporated town in a remote corner of Benton County and is the service area hub for folks living up to 20 miles in any direction. Traveling east to Corvallis through the hairpin curves of the Coast Range takes 45 minutes when it’s not foggy or icy on the pass near Mary’s Peak. Alsea is extremely fortunate to have a thriving town library—a branch of the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library.

Since the 1960s the Corvallis Library has provided at least minimal outreach to several Benton County locations. First Alsea had a rotating collection of self-checkout books on a shelf in a local store, then we graduated to Book Wagon service, then upgraded to a real library in 1975, using an old bank building owned by Alsea School District. Over the next 30 years interaction between Corvallis and Alsea Libraries exploded. A Benton County Library District was created which formalized the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library funding partnership. At the same time, technology blossomed, increasing communication and information delivery. No longer was the only connection with the “Big Library” a weekly volunteer trip to Corvallis by the Alsea clerk toting one small box of books and clutching a handful of written requests from patrons. Fax machines, computers, and online catalogs unveiled the excellent collection of the Corvallis Benton County main library to Alsea patrons—and they fell upon it with relish.

Gift Guide for Library and Book Lovers

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Calling all Library and Book Lovers - If you didn't get that special gift over the holiday season check out this blog the Gift Guide for Library and Book Lovers by the California School Library Association Campaign for Strong School Libraries. The site features more than 75 products, ranging from small to tall, fashion, furniture, guy stuff and kid stuff for the book lover.

Proceeds made from the Google ads on the site support the CSLA's Campaign for Strong School Libraries. The campaign is designed to provide information about California school libraries. Visitors to the site are invited to give their time, talent and money to advocate for strong school libraries, implementing the new Model School Library Standards and creating legislative action

National Geographic's The First Grader

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The American Library Association (ALA) has announced a promotional partnership with National Geographic Entertainment connected with National Geographic's new narrative feature film, "The First Grader" The film will be highlighted through ALA's advocacy website for the public,  Other partners include: Capella University (national sponsor), International Reading Association (lead promotional partner), National Education Association, ProLiteracy and LitWorld.  "The First Grader" will premiere in New York and Los Angeles on May 13, 2011 and expand to more major markets in the following weeks. 

Interview with Super Librarian, Taryn Super

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What is your blog about and how did it get started?

As my blog subtitle says, it contains “book reviews and a celebration of all things book- and library-related.” I read and review books for children, young adults, and adults in a variety of genres and formats. I also post news about authors and anything library-related. I also write about my experiences with library school and work. Occasionally I’ll host book giveaways, too.

I had been reading book blogs for awhile, and wanted to join the community. I love being able to interact with other readers and share our love of books. I also thought that blogging would challenge me to read books outside of my comfort zone and learn more about new and upcoming titles. This has definitely come in handy while working the reference desk!

Libraries Gain Fame on TV Show "Who Do You Think You Are?"

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The popularity of family ancestry and genealogy continues to grow with each new generation.  The launch of  the NBC show "Who Do You Think You Are?" (WDYTYR) in 2010 only added to the interest in people and celebrities alike wanting to know more about their families past.

Libraries and archives have always been known as keepers of family histories, but now they are gaining some fame for their roles both behind and on the screen. The following interviews were conducted with three libraries who participated in past episodes of the WDYTYR.

Spreading the joy of reading across Dawn Lit Mountains

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VT-AWIC Youth Library Network, Lohit is a unique youth movement in Arunachal Pradesh in North-eastern Himalayan India, reaching out to readers across a span of 300 kms in the remote Lohit and Anjaw districts, since May 2007. The Network set up jointly by the Association of Writers & Illustrators for Children (AWIC), New Delhi, the Vivekananda Trust, (HQ: Mysore) and the Lohit District Admn, is run by volunteers, contributing their time and energy for the Movement. It has set a new trend in public-library services in the state, with innovative Reading Promotion activities for the all round educational development of the rural Arunachali tribal youth, winning the hearty appreciation of the elite and the common people.  

Chile Library Relief

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On February 27th one of the most powerful earthquakes in history devastated a large part of Chile.  The earthquake, 240 miles southwest of the capitol of Santiago, and the 150 aftershocks extended over six regions, impacting over two million people and killing nearly 300 individuals.

Many libraries have been damaged or destroyed. Initial reports from 200 libraries have found that nearly 50% have been damaged, and at least six completely destroyed by the earthquakes and the subsequent tsunami.

Library Will Help With Buying, Selling Prom Dresses

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Prom this spring might be more affordable for area high school girls who shop for their dress at the Union County Public Library.  

The library [accepted] gently worn evening dresses for its consignment sale, said staff member Nicki Hertel. The gowns [were] sold from 9 a.m. to noon March 19 and 26 at the library.

The sale is open to anyone who wants a low-cost prom dress, Hertel said. Those consigning dresses to the sale may set their own prices and 10 percent of the price goes to the Union County Friends of the Library, staff member Brittany Hudson said. Dresses can be donated instead of consigned, she said.

Food bank, libraries help kids "lunch and learn"

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OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The Alameda County Community Food Bank is partnering with several Oakland libraries for something you could call a "lunch and learn" program for kids.

Low-incoming students are fed lunch at school, through the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But in the summer when school closes, many families fend for themselves.

"A lot of that has to do with that fact that we don't have enough places where kids can go to get food," food bank spokesperson Ecaterina Burton said.

Michael Roth is a former school superintendent. He saw a way to expand the federal food program. He had read about the opening of a new library and had heard Oakland's mayor talk about government agencies collaborating in these times of budget cuts.

The Food Librarian Interview

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Share a bit about your background - education, employment, etc.

I’m a native Southern Californian who graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in 1993. After 10 years in non-profit accounting, I headed back to UCLA for my Masters in Library & Information Science. What a great choice that has turned out to be! I’ve been lucky to work in public libraries since 2005.