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ALA Sets Up Text Donations to Help Rebuild Libraries in Haiti

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It now only takes two minutes for you to donate $10 to help rebuild libraries in Haiti.

The American Library Association has set up an option to easily donate through your mobile phone.  To donate to the ALA Haiti Library Relief Fund simply text “alahaiti” to 20222, and a $10 one-time tax-deductible donation will be added to your mobile phone bill.

Bradbury Storytelling Festival Conjures a Gamut of Emotions

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Storytellers know why people are afraid of the dark. Nothing you can actually see—however horrific—inspires quite the same palpitations as the anxious churning of our own imaginations. On Friday, October 30, in the dim light of the Genesee Theatre, listeners at the Fourth Annual Ray Bradbury Storytelling Festival managed to whirl up their own funnel of fear. Each year the Waukegan Public Library hosts this popular festival to honor Waukegan native and master storyteller, Ray Bradbury.

Learn more about the library at the American Dental Association!

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The American Dental Association (ADA) is a professional association of dentists committed to the public’s oral health, ethics, science, and professional advancement. Formed in 1859, the ADA today has more than 155,000 dentist members. It is the largest and oldest national dental association in the world. The Association has more than 400 employees at its headquarters in Chicago and its office in Washington, D.C.

The ADA Library was started in 1927, to provide resources and reference service to ADA members. The library's primary mission is to serve the information needs of ADA members and support the needs of ADA staff. The ADA Library contains an extensive collection of nearly 30,000 books and over 600 current journals, covering all areas of dentistry and oral health, including clinical, research, practice management and historical topics.

The Association of Jewish Libraries

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ALA’s newest affiliate is the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL), a professional organization for librarians who work with Judaic collections. AJL was formed in 1966 with the merging of the Jewish Librarians Association and the Jewish Library Association. Reflecting this two-party origin, the current organization has two divisions, one that serves academe (the Research Libraries, Archives, and Special Collections Division) and one that serves the general public (the Synagogue, School, and Center Division). The mission of AJL is to promote Jewish literacy through enhancement of libraries and library resources, and through leadership for the profession and practitioners of Judaica librarianship. AJL fosters access to information, learning, teaching and research relating to Jews, Judaism, the Jewish experience and Israel.

ALA Island

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The ALA Island is the Second Life virtual world presence of the American Library Association. Like ALA's Library, which I work for as a Library Reference Specialist, the ALA Island doesn't have traditional library resources on a variety of topics as a public library would have (and which the Alliance Virtual Library does have set up on Info Island), but is more of a special library focused on dispensing information about ALA, along with being a kind of community information center, helping people become more familiar with navigating the Second Life virtual world and demonstrating its capabilities to bring together people from all over the country (and all over the world) to inform them in a variety of ways, including through audiovisual media, about various aspects of librarianship, including literacy and reading, and censorship and intellectual freedom, thereby expanding and extending what libraries are and what libraries can do.

At Queens Library, Clothes Make the Man

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Kew Gardens Hills, NY, August 31, 2010 -- The children's librarians at Queens Library have been one-upping each other on summer reading challenges for years. The jury is still out for 2010; there are still several promising stunts to come. Daniel Meyer's will definitely be a contender for "notably outrageous."

Mr. Meyer is the children's librarian at Queens Library at Kew Gardens Hills. He promised to dress as Cinderella if his summer readers met their challenge. They blew it away. 

Smells Like Teen Spirit

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Teens complaining of boredom have not gone unnoticed, especially by libraries in Wyoming.

“They were always saying ‘We’re bored. There’s nothing to do,’” says Ellie Eaton, Assistant Youth Services Librarian at the Sweetwater County Library. 

“So, I said OK well what do you want to do? What are you interested in? They said music, poetry, acting and art. And  that’s where this all started.”

Peace Corps in Libraries: Kherson Oblast Library for Children in Kherson, Ukraine

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Originally appeared in the May/June 2010 Issue of the PaLA Bulletin, a publication of the Pennsylvania Library Association ( ).

Last July, Mary Garm forwarded an e-mail to me that she had received from a library in Ukraine. Mary was not sure it was legitimate but asked if I wanted to check it out. It turns out it was from an American Peace Corps volunteer named Deborah Garofalo working in the  Kherson Oblast Library for Children. As a former Peace Corps volunteer, I was intrigued. Most volunteers I knew worked as teachers or in the health education field, but not in libraries! I’m always up for an adventure so I e-mailed Debbie. I was curious how she came to be a volunteer in Ukraine – not usually a country one thinks of for the Peace Corps.