National Library Legislative Day 2016

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Librarians striving to make a difference will descend upon Capitol Hill May 2 and 3 for National Library Legislative Day (NLLD).  They will receive training from an advocacy consultant at the American Library Association’s (ALA) Washington office on May 1, before the action begins in earnest on May 2 with Briefing Day. Briefing Day offers a whirlwind of sessions touching on the hot Congressional issues affecting libraries. Congressional staff, legal experts, lobbyists, ALA staff and others will participate.  The events culminate on May 3 with visits to Capitol Hill for meetings with legislators.

On libraries, Las Vegas and Elvis

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Who knew that Elvis was a convincing 3-D printer pitchman?

In late June, I attended the American Library Association meeting in Las Vegas along with 18,000 other library lovers – librarians, trustees, and library friends from public, private and academic libraries.

I went as a library trustee through a travel grant awarded by United for Libraries, a sub-group of library trustees, foundations, and “Friends.” I met library directors, staff, trustees, friends, and exhibitors of a wide array of goods and services and saw Elvis in action.

With New Learning Labs, Teen Programming at Local Libraries Goes Digital

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There’s some good news for libraries—and library patrons. The bleeding appears to have stopped. Library budgets—although not growing—are at least not shrinking any more, after years of tough going.

The recession slashed the budgets of most public libraries in the nation, leaving them struggling to maintain services, including the higher-cost digital services that community residents have come to rely on. E-books, internet connections, and 3D printers are the “World Book” set of years ago—the expensive, scarce resource that libraries provide when families cannot.

How Libraries Can Survive In The Digital Age

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Books as we know them are clearly in a state of flux. One in five Americans now read on e-readers or tablet computers, and most things that can be found in a book are little more than a click or touch away online. That trend has been the catalyst behind chain and independent bookstores closing at record pace. To avoid a similar fate, libraries across the country are trying to reinvent themselves and prove the digital revolution doesn’t mean the end of a book-lovers’ era.

Provost promises to prevent library deficit

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After students and faculty expressed concern over UND’s Chester Fritz Library potentially losing resources, university Provost Thomas DiLorenzo has clarified several points of misunderstanding and promised there will be no reduction in the library’s resources.

“Whatever the deficit is, I’ll find the money,” DiLorenzo promised in a meeting addressing the library’s struggle for funding. “I always planned to find the money.”

In the last couple months, students and faculty have become increasingly worried about losing library resources.

National Library Legislative Day: 40 years of library advocacy

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National Library Legislative Day is a two-day advocacy event where hundreds of library supporters, leaders and patrons gather in Washington, D.C. to meet with their members of Congress to champion national library funding. National Library Legislative Day also includes a virtual advocacy component for library supporters who cannot attend the Washington meetings—advocates have the option to work remotely to connect with legislators via phone calls, text messages, emails and social media platforms.