Support School Libraries!

Well-funded school library programs staffed by a state certified school librarian are essential to preparing today's students for their future.

Studies show that students are more likely to be successful if they have the benefit of school library programs led by a state certified school librarian, and that higher test scores are linked to the presence of quality school library programs and the involvement of full-time school librarians in the learning process.

Yet in communities around the country, dedicated funding for school libraries is disappearing. The lack of support for school library programs hinders the education of America's next generation. Due to the lack of funding for school libraries, students are at risk of not having some of the most critical 21st century skills needed to compete in the global marketplace.

And with the ever-increasing demand to use technology to create and share information in school, students need access in order to prepare themselves for their future. Once stocked mainly with books and other print materials, today's school library has been transformed with a full range of multimedia learning resources.

How can you support school libraries?

  • Learn about ESEA, federal legislation affecting school libraries
  • Make sure your school has a state-certified school librarian. Replacing librarians with aides to keep the school library doors open, diminishing the level and quality of instruction and projects afforded to students.
  • Make sure to be involved in the budget process of the school.
  • Ensure that school board members and school administrators know that school libraries and school librarians are a critical part of the learning process.

View articles describing:

-the critical role school libraries play in supporting student achievement,

-the funding/budget issue in school libraries, and strategies parents, students, school librarians teachers, and community members are using to combat them, from newspapers and magazines locally, nationally and globally.

-They are also organized by state to identify school library advocacy and issues by location.

Also included are powerful quotes from these articles to assist you in making the case for school libraries in your community.

We can't turn our backs on America's youth. A well-funded school library program staffed by a state certified school librarian is essential to preparing today's students for their future.

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