Stacy from Bryan, Ohio

The library has always been a comfortable place for me to go when I needed information.  But it became more than that after the birth of my first child, a daughter.  I felt she needed exposure to other children her age to promote her socialization skills, so we started to go to the children's reading time at our local library. 

Little did I realize the positive effect this woud have on both my daughter and me.  The leader, Miss Vicki, had a great rapport with the kids and with us mothers.  We were instantly at home there.  The kids would listen to books, sing songs, do crafts and just generally have a ball.  While they were immersed, we mothers would converse about all things baby. 

It was so nice to have other mothers who were going through the exact same things that I was.  Many times we would stay for quite some time after class ended just talking.  Those first bonds have stayed true.   My daughter, soon to be 6, still counts those kids among her closest friends.  And I am still in touch with the mothers, one of which has become a true friend.  Who would ever have guessed that a trip to the library could result in so much more than just a good book to read.