SAGE Publishing

In 1965, a 24-year-old Sara Miller founded SAGE Publishing with the belief that social science research can and must play an important role in shaping society. With $500 in start-up capital, a one-room office in New York City, and the mentorship of her future husband George McCune, Sara started the company’s first journal -- the first of what now numbers more than a thousand. The new company was named SAGE, a play on the first names of its founders, Sara and George. They moved the company to Southern California in 1966, and within a decade of founding had established an office in London, the start of SAGE’s international presence.

SAGE is known for its commitment to the social sciences: the Little Green Book Series; an expansive reference collection; research methods journals, videos, and texts; and content emphasizing critical thinking, data analysis, and computational tools are all published with the aim of training current and future social scientists.

Today, Sara remains the majority shareholder and has set up an estate plan that guarantees the company’s independence. Her gift enables the company to invest with confidence in missions that benefit the society of tomorrow.

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