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Writers are passionate supporters of libraries. We’ve interviewed over 100 authors over the last few years. We asked them about their memories of libaries and how they use their libraries today along with their views on censorship and budget cuts at libraries.  Hear what they have to say about the importance of libraries.

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Librarians touch the lives of the people they serve every day.  The I Love My Librarian Award encourages library users like you to recognize the accomplishments of exceptional public, school, college, community college, or university librarians.  We want to hear how you think your librarian is improving the lives of the people in your school, campus or community.

Real Life Stories

For every person who loves libraries, there is a story about what the library means to them.  Read stories about libraries submitted by real people or share your own story.

"A self-leader cries for no followers by himself. He does his thing and people get to know him, chase him and learn from him." -- Israelmore Ayivor

So it is for many authors. They have something to say ... a story to tell ... they risk telling it and hope that we will listen.
I've been in search of and chasing great authors my entire life. I owe that curiosity to two people - a woman whose name I never knew and James Hilton. They introduced me to literature for, in our house, there were no books.

Barely age 10, I woke up one morning and heard my mother crying. My older sister simply said "Daddy died." No other words about it were spoken to me. I adored my father and was confident that he would never leave me without saying goodbye...


If Arizona had a backwoods, that's where I would have been born in 1947. I was born into a family that was short on money but long on seeking knowledge. We had books and it was expected they would be read. By the time I entered kindergarten, I was an accomplished reader. Thank you, Mom. Libraries were a place to get books and, for me, that justified their existence. I don't remember there ever being "children's programs". It seemed to me that children were barely tolerated- seen and not heard. Didn't care. Books.

I got older and did the things most people did: got married, had babies, worked, and paid taxes.

Then one spring and summer my life changed. I lost my wife, retired and dealt, as best I could, with all of that. Along the...


When I was 16 and struggling with what it meant to be in love with another girl, the library gave me an alternative narrative from the one that I was developing - that I was a total freak.

Understanding what it means to be gay when you are a young teenager growing up in a small town in Michigan - especially then, the 70's - wasn't easy. There were no aunts or uncles or friends or Ellen or Modern Family. There was just me, my secret girlfriend, and our feelings.

Even though I didn't feel that loving someone else could possibly be wrong, that wasn't the message I got from anywhere else, including my church. So, as soon as I got my driver's license, I went to a nearby town, a bigger town that had a bigger library and I researched the...



One of the best strategies that I have employed to create change, improve the perception of the library, and promote the library’s integration into the university's curriculum is to take advantage of existing institutional initiatives. By demonstrating how libraries can contribute, support, and enhance an existing initiative (e.g. higher education's push to create more blended and online courses that enhance student learning), it is possible to create greater momentum and reduce the institutional friction that exists when creating a separate and additional library initiative.....READ MORE

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