Real Life Stories

I have been borrowing books from the library since I was 2 or 3 years old. We used to leave weekly with a basket full of books and now I just leave with one and a movie. I have made lots of friends, had really unusual experiences and spent time in different families all over the world--all for free with my library card! READ MORE
When I was little, I used to attend story time at the library every week. Miss Anne was the reader and she was amazing! She always found the best books!Martin Library let us borrow as many books as we liked every week and my sister and I took home between 25-40 every week. READ MORE
“It seems impossible until it is done”. Nelson Mandela I arrive in US on 24 January 2013 from Uganda (East Africa). It was such a huge opportunity to be admitted into the GSPP, M.A. at UST!  However, I was greatly stunned by the highly technological setting of UST libraries. This is far different than the library system in my home country!  In Uganda libraries are comparatively small and you can always ask some to find it for you before you even try finding it yourself…! Nothing like CLICnet, Summon etc..! READ MORE
So how has the Bell Whittington Library changed me?  It’s no secret that what started as a quest to define what makes a writer, I found myself. I took on a journey of reading the entire children's section at our local library.  With my Little Reader, we have traveled to places unimaginable and unearthed stories in my heart.  Having two inspirational pocket reads, another in progress, and now finally a new children’s story. READ MORE
As a child, my favorite activity that my mom had with me was to read to me.  I looked forward to that more tha anything else we did.  When I was able to begin reading, I would bring home library books, and read them after I got into bed, and many nights, my mother said she would find the book open on top of my face, and would have to pick the book up and take my glasses off since I had fallen asleep. READ MORE
 When I was a child, my mother took us to the library every two weeks.  It was the high point of the week for me.  In the summer, we could check out the limit, then go back in two weeks and do it again.  It was such a thrill to hold a stack of books so tall that I could barely see over it!  I loved watching the books as they were swept over the light, and getting the warm print-out when they were all checked out.  The librarian knew us well, and one summer she gave us two beautiful yellow birds. READ MORE
 I appreciate the Theodore Johns Public Library in Beaumont, TX I obtain my library card in 2005, matter of fact my whole family did. We found that we were able to check books, movies, and even the use of computers. READ MORE
I was an odd little girl & spent many summers riding my bike to the town library, researching a famous person & writing a book report.  My best friend & I would "grade" each other's work! This went on for years. The only reason I did not get a degree in library science is that I loved to talk as much as I loved to read.As I got older, I babysat & ran a "summer school" for READ MORE
Hello. My name is Vineka. I'm 35. I have going to this library for almost 6 months, using computer for job amd also meeting all kinds of people.  It has been useful.   I need to find out if they have reading programs for my 13. He need help very much so with reading.  Me and my 4 sons come here often. So I need a job where I live. Everything, including the food out my house was stolen in Rockford, Ill., so I come here to use computer for jobs and FB and get movies. It quite and freeing. Dec 26, Mrs. []   READ MORE
Some years ago I was diagnosed with depression which at the time was thought incurable. After taking the prescribed medication, I still needed additional guidance to keep me on the road to recovery- that's when I turned to reading.Reading was most worthwhile but with the high cost of books, I was spending over 100 dollars a week on books, which added to my depression. Then I approached the local library in Jackson not knowing of the miraculous gifts I was about to receive. READ MORE