Real Life Stories

My local LRC is amazing. I attend the local ITT Houston NW Campus and this is the only place that I can find helpful information for those hard reports and papers that I have to write. Not to mention that the librarian is very helpful. She will assist me with finding the information that I need. I don't know what I would do without the Library. READ MORE
I come from a family where reading was extremely  important, starting with my grandmother reading to me and then reading for myself and going with my mother to the library. I did not have many friends so reading was a great solace when growing up. READ MORE
One of my favorite libraries was located on Plattsburg Air Force Base in Upstate New York. This military post was close some time back, but we were stationed there when our daughter was very little.Six to eight months of the year we had totally foul weather and feet of snow so I would pack her up and go get a stack of books from the base library. We were often the only people there and she would crawl throught the bookshelves while I made selections. READ MORE
My library is the best! Before I knew about the library at our school I didn't like books but now my reading turned into a 1000000000000000000 instead of a 1.5 I love books every singalong day before I sleep I read a book! #liveschange #nlw14 READ MORE
Nancy Drew....I read EVERY one! As a country kid I couldn't wait for the days when we stayed in town after school and went to the  library. I remember the smell of my library and how excited I was  to see if they had any new Nancy Drew Mystery books. I always  checked out the max allowed, and couldn't wait to get home and begin the next adventure! READ MORE
The Bloomingdale Branch of the Sullivan County, Tennessee Public Library changed my life. The summer before I started college, I walked there from my home to check out books. I was beginning college in August, and I was a painfully slow reader with poor comprehension. I knew I'd never survive if I  didn't improve my reading skills.This small branch library had one bookshelf filled with well-loved Harlequin romances that I found I loved reading. By the end of the summer, I could read one a day! READ MORE
I have an l8 yr. old granddaughter who is mentally challenged.  We moved to Braxton, Ms. in 2012. The Manager of the Library was a member of our church.  They met and immediately Anna was excited about the library. She is only 5 miles from the  Library.  She loves it.  I tale her when she wants to go and she always comes out ith a stack of books.  She has learned so much. Her vocabulary has increased tremendously. We thank God for our library and our wonderful Manager Rhoda Benton.  She has been a godsend for Anna. READ MORE
I was working part-time at my kids' elementary school, bringing a little money in for our family. I used the local public library regularly as a patron, and began thinking I would really love to work there. A position opened there for a clerk, and I applied and was hired. I worked 20 hours a week at the circulation desk. I really liked the work! It was so varied; no two days were the same. As time went on and I became more comfortable in the job I was given more responsibility -- overdues manager, page supervisor, periodicals manager, etc. READ MORE
As a little girl growing up, barely having any language at all, I developed a love of going to library weekly with my grandmother. I didn't know how to read, but I enjoyed looking at  pictures. I was born deaf and didn't have any language except  oral language which was gibberish to me; however, library time weekly with my grandmother was the best memory! Now I am a  teacher who is certified in deaf education, pushing kids to go to our school library weekly! READ MORE
I love to read, and I love to watch TV talk shows.  When a book, which I think I would like to read, is mentioned on TV, I write down the title and, if I’m fast enough, the author, also.  I go to my computer to the York County Library System website and search for the book.  I have YCLS as an icon on my toolbar for fast and easy access.  I check to see if my local library, Village Library, has the book.   READ MORE