Real Life Stories

The library has made my life better because I can go to YOUmedia at the Rudy Lozano library and play minecraft with my friends. I also learned how to use photoshop. I designed my own T-shirt! READ MORE
Libraries have been an integral part of my life for over seven decades.  As a child, I was entranced by the smells, the whispers, and the treasures in the stacks of our local Carnegie branch in Pittsburgh. Library books preoccupied me as a nine-year-old bedridden for months with rheumatic fever.  The frontis pages and the tales of Grimm, Anderson, and le morte d'Arthur lifted me to other places and times.  I have since resided in New York, Boston, Chicago, Montreal, and now Cleveland, in all locations a regular patron of the libraries. READ MORE
Our library and the staff there are lifelong companions to our family.  I grew up with a library just down the street, where my mother worked.  So, when friends talk about buying a book, I say, "Let me tell you about the library."The stages of our three children's lives directly correlate with library activities.  Summer story hour pajama parties in the outdoor tent in Independence hardly seem like they were 25 years ago.  Our children regularly attended the various programs.   READ MORE
My husband's job transferred him about every three years. The first thing I would do in a new town is visit the library and get my card.  When  I did not know a soul and was  feeling lonely, I would go spend a few hours at the library. Just sitting and reading with people all around helped me feel better.  Plus I always looked up the history of where I was to help me  feel a sense of place.  I usually ended up making a few friends  too! READ MORE
I began helping at the small settlement house library when I was 10 years old. The library was only open 3 days a week and the librarian allowed me to past in the checkout slips when they were full. My " love affair " with libraries began then and I am retiring at 84 having spent over 50 years as a nonprofessional, paraprofessional and finally a professional in a university library. I have worked in a main public library, a branch library, a grade school & high school library and a one person corporate library. READ MORE
I love my library in Euclid.  I go 3 or 4 times a week to pick up book CDs or DVDs. A lot of the librarians know me by name. The displays prompt me to check out stuff I wouldn't ordinarally choose. I entered a poetry writing contest they held. Sometimes browsing tweeks my curiosity. The Clevnet system is the greatest! READ MORE
Libraries have been the sacred sites and havens where I have sought refuge, solace, and peace throughout my life. From the first bookmobile in Long Beach, California, where I got my  first library card, to the hilltop library at Mt. Angel Abbey in Oregon where I wrote my dissertation, libraries have been those places where I have found a place to discover, write, think, contemplate, and find myself. READ MORE
 My mother had a huge library at home and that instilled my love for books.  My first library trips were made when I was visiting my grandparents.  I read every Bobbsey Twin, Hardy Brothers, and  Nancy Drew book that the had in the library.When I was a sixth grader, I started taking piano lessons and that enabled me to go to our local library every week.  I thought I was in heaven until time for me to check out.  I had headed straight for the adult section as that was the type of books I had been reading since third grade. READ MORE
I was sixteen when I knew I wanted to work in a library. My parents introduced me to the world of reading and libraries at a young age and I realized at the age of sixteen that I wanted to work at a library. It was not until I as eighteen and out of school did I realize my dream. That was close to twenty-four years ago and I have worked in three different libraries in two states. I worked for about twelve years in Florida and when I married and moved away, I was lucky to be able to work again in a library in PA. READ MORE
Our library allows us to follow our interests in our  homeschooling curriculum.  We do not feel locked into studying  certain topics because they are what the textbook publishers chose.  We can go get free and exciting materials at the local  library, anytime something sparks our interest.  It has made my son's educational experience much richer. READ MORE