Real Life Stories

The library is my life. I've practically have read every book in my libary. it is my scond home.  READ MORE
i love going to my school library. i love reading the books. i basically swim in the fiction side. i help in the library when i have time. it is A W E S O M E!!!!!!!     #nlw14     #liveschange  READ MORE
Some of my earliest memories are of my library. My mom volunteered there and took me with her. The Library Director, who is still with the library, remembers me sitting up on the circulation desk counter. The library was small then. The children’s section was downstairs in The Basement. I learned to search books in a card catalog and was proud to understand how to do it! READ MORE
Submitted by York County Libraries Community Relations Director.I received a handwritten note from 90 year old Charlotte of Dallastown, PA. I phoned her and she asked that I share her story with you as part of the National Library Week 2014 promotion. READ MORE
When I was a little girl, we didn't have the money to  buy books so my Grandmother introduced me to our local public  library.  That was the start of a long and happy time for reading, writing, and sharing books.  Now as a driver on the road, the books I can get from the library on CD's has been a life saver for me.  I can "read" all the latest books when I don't have time to sit down and enjoy a good book.  READ MORE
Whenever I enter a library I feel relaxed and at peace.  A sense of joy and calm. It's a place to learn, grow, and dream! I'm honored to be surrounded by millions of books who were born from people sharing their dreams, knowledge, passions, excitement, desires, love, sadness, history, and on...!I'm thankful for libraries and all who work there, volunteer there, and who go there. I love passing on the greatness of libraries to my children!I am a better person each and every time I enter and leave the library! Thank you! READ MORE
Our Library serves as a center for our Community and a go to place for our Family.   Our Farmers Market is in the  Library parking lot, our favorite playground is behind the Library and we love to go to the Library and explore the art on display, the music in concert and the books - oh the books!   READ MORE
Before I understood the larger social implications of the roles of libraries, I simply loved them for giving me access to books. I could take Pippi Longstocking home at 5 from the Anchorage Public Library. My library card from the Rayner's Lane branch was my first tangible connection to London as a foreign exchange student. I visited the new books section of my branch of the NYPL and then the Brooklyn public library every week; now I pour over the shelves in Bellingham. READ MORE
My library in north Austin has been an additional friend in my new life within a big city. I have always been a bookworm, and libraries throughout my school life and personal life were there as a second home that inspired my habit of discovering more about the world around me, and the wonders that exist in the state of Texas. READ MORE
A few years ago I witnessed a phenomenon that impacted my life in a major way. Book retailers started closing their doors in numbers. As I said goodbye to Border’s bookstores, a chapter in my life closed as well. That was the bookstore I shopped at for my latest reads, where I would meet friends to study and sometimes catch live bands.During college you could find me searching the shelves as soon as finals ended looking for a new book to read during the upcoming break. Around the same time my local used bookstore, the Book Baron, also closed its doors.  READ MORE