Real Life Stories

As an immigrant child living in Queens, NY, the new world was scary, cold, and overwhelming. The new foods and strange language and no relatives was enough to frighten a small child, but my mother took my second grade teacher's advice and walk me to the public library three blocks beyond our school building. Although she stood outside and sent me in only for ten minutes to pick out books, my mother made the best decisions for my life. She instilled in me a love of reading, a mastery of the English language, exploration, peace and, eventually, a career. READ MORE
Growing up I was at the library at least every two weeks, if not every week. The children's librarian at the time knew me and my mom because I was the kid who never left without a stack of books to my chin - and my mom's. When I got older I went through a spell when I actually got a little burned out, thanks to all those college textbooks, but as an adult I've "rediscovered" TPL and all it has to offer, from audiobooks toauthor talks to my favorite BBC dramas on DVD. I love my local library and I'm so thankful for the service it provides to our community! READ MORE
When my late husband was diagnosed with cancer I wondered how to best support my two young sons emotionally.  The first place I went was the library.  Since that time 16 years ago, my husband passed and I went back to school to get a library degree.  I want to help others get the help they need when they need it. READ MORE
I see it every day; I'm a very proud MS librarian. Students come in and out of the library ALL day EVERY day for the usual--books, computers, classes...but of equal importance they come to share their family stories, share their athletic and musical successes, they show off their new fashions, show pictures of their pets, recommend books, and water their plants. They so often come to check and connect and I truly believe it lifts them higher. READ MORE
Ever since I was in elementary school I have loved to read. I got to know my local library so well they would order books they thought I'd like and reserve them in my name! Now my husband and I read out loud together and really enjoy it.  READ MORE
Every aspect of my life has just dramatically changed. I'm 52 yrs old & found a new path & profession through my Caring Library & it's Staff. I am now rebuilding my life & inner spirit one Brick & Book at a time. I courageously celebrate these tremendous changes knowing the Library is the Mortar, Healing Words, & Guidance, holding each Brick in place. READ MORE
I love my library because I really didn't like reading until I went to my school library and read the first Warriors book, after that the world of libraries opened up to me and now I love reading and constantly read five books at once. So, you can  see why I have strong attachments to libraries, I owe libraries a huge debt that can never be paid.  READ MORE
For some the library is nothing more than a place to get books or a place to get away, but for me the library is like a buying a plane ticket. When you get a book you're buying a ticket to a whole new world where you can be anywhere the book takes.   --Personal Infomation--     First Name: Shyan     Last Name: Locke     E-mail Address:     Name of Library: Pioneer Ridge Library READ MORE
Libraries for me are a way to escape and socialize with people of all ages over the awesome subjects of books   --Personal Infomation--     First Name: Kara     Last Name: McCormick     E-mail Address:     Name of Library: Pioneer ridge library     Age Range: 12-18     Address: 19490 lone elm road     Address2: READ MORE
Since coming to the Library, I've opened my mind, acquired skills and learned new things.  In addition to searching the catalog on-line, I occasionally walk the stacks to find a book or topic.Once in a while serendipity happens and next to the book I wanted, I find a better book.   I’m a lucky person to have such helpful friends in the Library staff too!   READ MORE