Real Life Stories

If Arizona had a backwoods, that's where I would have been born in 1947. I was born into a family that was short on money but long on seeking knowledge. We had books and it was expected they would be read. By the time I entered kindergarten, I was an accomplished reader. Thank you, Mom. Libraries were a place to get books and, for me, that justified their existence. I don't remember there ever being "children's programs". It seemed to me that children were barely tolerated- seen and not heard. Didn't care. Books. READ MORE
When I was 16 and struggling with what it meant to be in love with another girl, the library gave me an alternative narrative from the one that I was developing - that I was a total freak.Understanding what it means to be gay when you are a young teenager growing up in a small town in Michigan - especially then, the 70's - wasn't easy. There were no aunts or uncles or friends or Ellen or Modern Family. There was just me, my secret girlfriend, and our feelings. READ MORE
Every day, people of all ages and backgrounds from rural, suburban and urban communities across the country turn to their libraries to find jobs or go online, to get help with homework or complex research projects, to start on a business plan, connect with their kids or simply find a space to relax. For every person who loves libraries, there is a story about what the library means to them. We want to collect and share those stories. Is the library important to you? Do you have a story to tell? READ MORE
This month is Library Card SIgn-up Month and I would like to tell you the story of Manny Mendoza.Manuel B. "Manny" Mendoza of Bloomington, IL, passed away Thursday, June 25, 2015, at age 84, after a brief, final illness. Manny is survived by his beloved wife Margot; two daughters and a son. READ MORE
Delaware Public Libraries are simply wonderful.  They, of course, have all accoutrements of a library, books, CDs, DVDs, computers, magazines, special programs and more.  However, they also go well out of their way to help the community each and every day. READ MORE
Students at Elvis Ballew High School are creating poetry with the spines of books. As a librarian I work hard to help students connect to stories, literature, and poetry. What a better way than to help them see how easy it can be to come up with a good poem in honor of Poetry Month and library week! Being an alternative campus with students who have another chance at graduating, I found it very difficult to get them to want to read, to connect with a book, or simply want to pick up a book. READ MORE
I was 11 years old.  Oldest of 6.  We had the basics, but not much more.  My mom always saw to it that her abundance of love made up for what was lacking.  Somehow she always managed to have us dressed in something new for the holidays.  I still remember my room, shared with my sisters, of course.  At night I would lie in bed and stare up at the the peeling paint above my head.  From the uneven cracks I would form people and objects in my mind, the way many kids do with the clouds in the sky. READ MORE
I have always loved the library.  I grew up in Fishtown and I loved going into that library because it smelled like books. When my mom got me my first library card and said here you can borrow four books. It was like she gave me the key to a castle. Growing up you could always find me in a library.  After lunch in high school I would go to the library. Either to do homework or just sit and read. READ MORE
When I was in about the fourth grade,I encountered a kind librarian at our local branch. it was my first library  experience, and I did not know how to begin. She patiently took  the time to explain the way a library works and how to browse for a book to reds. Then she placed in my hands a book that forever  changed my life. it made me a life-long reader. It was "The Witch  of Blackbird Pond", and I was hooked. What a wonderful story!I have a special place in my heart for libraries and librarians.  READ MORE
"What could be better than meeting up at your local library for storytime with other moms who are looking for something fun, organized and free?"The library has been a staple part of our activities and schedule for as long as I can remember being a mom. What could be better than meeting up at your local library for storytime with other moms who are looking for something fun, organized and free? READ MORE