Proscovia from St. Paul, Minnesota

“It seems impossible until it is done”. Nelson Mandela

 I arrive in US on 24 January 2013 from Uganda (East Africa). It was such a huge opportunity to be admitted into the GSPP, M.A. at UST!  However, I was greatly stunned by the highly technological setting of UST libraries. This is far different than the library system in my home country!  In Uganda libraries are comparatively small and you can always ask some to find it for you before you even try finding it yourself…! Nothing like CLICnet, Summon etc..!

Despite all the orientations, the American library setting remained a complex for me! Could I find any way to escape this? Nothing seemed to work and I think escapism was not the best solution. What did I do? In my very first semester, I applied for a student job to work in the library. I risked but I think was brave too! Thank God, I successfully received the student job and surely it has transformed me

I can now figure it out myself, and also help others to know how it works …! If I don’t have the answer, I confidently know where to find it. I am becoming more curious, and a frequent library user! I am developing an amazing reading culture not common to a typical African!

Yes, the library is very transformative. It has changed me, and its impact on me is still unfolding...! Indeed it looks  impossible until it is done and one can never be a failure unless she or he fails to try.

I am so thankful to Brian, my supervisor, and Laura for continuous training, guidance and inspiration!