Patricia from York, Pennsylvania

I love to read, and I love to watch TV talk shows.  When a book, which I think I would like to read, is mentioned on TV, I write down the title and, if I’m fast enough, the author, also.  I go to my computer to the York County Library System website and search for the book.  I have YCLS as an icon on my toolbar for fast and easy access.  I check to see if my local library, Village Library, has the book.  

Village is small, and most times  they do not have it.  I put in a request, and they get the book from another library and phone to tell me they have it there for me.  It is usually fast.  Sometimes I am slow to search, and, if the book is a popular or new one, there are requests ahead of me, but I understand, and I get the book eventually.  

Getting the book from the library saves me money, because I don’t have to purchase the book in order to read it, and it also doesn’t end up adding clutter in my house or my needing to find someone to pass it on to.  

Examples of three of my most recent requests are Why I Left the Amish and Bonnet Strings (An Amish Woman’s Tie to Two Worlds), both non-fiction, written by Saloma Miller  Furlong.  Saloma is a remarkable courageous woman, who left the Amish, fell in love with and married an “Englisher”.  The  books are about the struggles she encountered in her journey and  reasons why some prefer to stay, while others feel it necessary  for them to leave the Amish lifestyle.

 I have a request in for Half Stitched by Wanda Brunstetter.   Half Stitched, based on the book, is a musical being performed at Bird-At-Hand Family Style  Restaurant and Stage.  I want to read this book as background  before I view the musical.  

The library is a wonderful place, full of fun and adventure for people of all ages.  Don’t miss the opportunity to use our free public library.  It’s one of the few sources of enjoyment that remain free!