Record Collecting and the Power of Music: Joshua Harmon’s The Annotated Mixtape

I started reading some of essays that comprise Joshua Harmon’s The Annotated Mixtape years ago as they appeared in journals. The author and I went to college together in Vermont, so I have been following his writing career for years now. And last year he came out with The Annotated Mixtape and a short story collection, A History of Cold Seasons, from Dzanc Books.

Hawaiian History through the Generations: Kiana Davenport’s Shark Dialogues

Kiana Davenport’s Shark Dialogues (1994) is a powerful look into the brutal, fraught history of the Hawaiian Islands through seven generations of one Hawaiian family. Focusing on a polarizing matriarch, Pono, the novel flashes backward and forward in time to tell the story of Pono’s ancestors, her life’s true love, and her daughters and granddaughters.

Michelle Obama.

Slevin, Peter (author). Apr. 2015. 432p. Knopf, hardcover, $27.95 ( 9780307958822). 973.932092. REVIEW. First published February 15, 2015 (Booklist).
A descendant of slaves, Michelle Obama has a lineage and a life history most unlikely for a First Lady. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago in a working-class black family, she has lived her life against the backdrop of major developments in black America. When she became First Lady in 2008, she changed the trajectory of American history. Journalist Slevin explores Michelle’s family history and struggle to rise above racial limitations, her marriage, and her close friendships.

When Sustainability Is Just a Dream: Harrowing YA Climate Fiction

Booklist‘s February 15 issue, which went live on Booklist Online earlier today, spotlights nonfiction books about sustainability and the environment. Climate change is obviously the dominant environmental issue of our time—yet, with its outcome ultimately unknown, is it any wonder we turn to fiction to imagine the future?

Jan from Cincinnati, Ohio

When I was in about the fourth grade,I encountered a kind librarian at our local branch. it was my first library  experience, and I did not know how to begin. She patiently took  the time to explain the way a library works and how to browse for a book to reds. Then she placed in my hands a book that forever  changed my life. it made me a life-long reader. It was "The Witch  of Blackbird Pond", and I was hooked. What a wonderful story!

I have a special place in my heart for libraries and librarians.