Keep the Holds List Happy: 2015 Movies Based on Teen Books

Everybody wants them: the books that this year’s hot movies are based on. Movie buzz gives books a nice bump, so be ready for the next “new” thing. When you run short on stock, here’s what to display and recommend next. Leave your own recommendations in the comments section for a chance to win a free copy of The DUFF by Kody Keplinger!

Children’s Books about Dance Are Taking Flight

Lynn: When I was six my father took me to my first ballet. I was completely smitten and decided instantly that my future lay in toe shoes and tutus! Alas, since I have zero coordination, grace, or balletic ability there was never a chance I would ever join the corps. But I have never lost my childhood love for dance and I know my fascination is shared by many young readers. We’ve had some wonderful and varied books about ballet and dancers this last year and we didn’t want neglect those while we get swamped by 2015 titles.

Publishing U: Whose Opinion Do You Trust?

Why Trying to Please Everyone Can Torpedo Your Book

Our readers are often curious about the process of writing and publishing books, and we’re happy to provide access to the experts. In the fifth post of our Publishing U series, agent Mackenzie Brady and author Hannah Brencher share some hard-earned lessons about staying true to your own vision as an author.