Publishing U: A Single Novel? A Trilogy? A Series?

How Do I Know Where My Book Begins and Ends?

Our readers are often curious about the process of writing and publishing books, and we’re happy to provide access to the experts. In the sixth post of our Publishing U series, novelist Leigh Bardugo and agent Joanna Volpe shine light on a common quandary faced by first-time authors.

These YA Novels Are Graphic: Blurring the Line between Comics and Prose

Graphic novels have come to occupy their own tidy little corner of most libraries, staking an ever-expanding claim on the 741.5s (if you’re still using Dewey, that is). This, of course, makes perfect sense for readers looking only for sequential art narratives, as well as for readers looking just for sentences neatly ordered on a clean page. But what happens when visual storytelling bleeds over into prose novels, and vice versa?

High Interest-Low Vocab Books: You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

Lynn:  A gazillion years ago when I started in my first school library, I bought some high interest-low vocabulary books at the request of my teachers. Frankly, they were awful! They had dull, plodding stories and were afflicted with orange, blue, or pea green covers that shrieked BOOKS FOR BAD READERS for all to see. No kid wanted to check one out and the things were read only under duress.