Dewey Know How to Run a Book Group? We Do! 350-400, Part 1

The staff book group at Williamsburg Regional Library has been having a great time reading our way through the collection. In alternating months, we read fiction by an author whose surname begins with a selected letter (next month is G), and nonfiction from a different Dewey range. Each reader selects a title or two and gives a quick book talk at the meeting.

Teens Will Fight for These Stellar Fantasy Sequels

Lynn: This has been another GREAT year for fantasy fans. Those who love sequels—and ALL fantasy fans love sequels—were in total bliss this year as the sequels have been STELLAR. Rabid fantasy lovers have probably already read these but it never hurts to spread the love. These wonderful books deserve it, as each one is even better than its outstanding series start.

I’m an Old-Fashioned Book-Group Leader — and Proud of It!

I have been given a label over my sixteen years as a book-group discussion leader: old-fashioned. I have also been told that my group will never succeed if I continue to lead in that manner. I have been told my group will become bored and membership will dwindle—that I will be out of a job faster than a sneeze. Well, I am still here and I am still succeeding. Let me explain why I think people call me old-fashioned.

Eliza from Seattle, Washington

The Seattle Public Library has been my own personal business school. Since starting my own wedding photography company, Eliza Truitt Photography, three years ago, I've used it for educating myself on all aspects of my business. Doing a quick search at my public library's website there are ten books devoted exclusively to running a photography business. Expand a little to look at books on running a small business and the possibilities are limitless.

Jennifer from Harrisburg, North Carolina

My nose was always in a book. Whether it was required reading for school or a Nancy Drew mystery, I couldn’t get enough. I come from a long line of book lovers. My grandmother was a librarian, and my parents always put a strong emphasis on reading. The library was a place we loved to go. My love of reading continued throughout my school years. I had a list of authors I enjoyed and looked forward to the next book to be released.