Leah from Spring Valley, New York

I was 11 years old.  Oldest of 6.  We had the basics, but not much more.  My mom always saw to it that her abundance of love made up for what was lacking.  Somehow she always managed to have us dressed in something new for the holidays.  I still remember my room, shared with my sisters, of course.  At night I would lie in bed and stare up at the the peeling paint above my head.  From the uneven cracks I would form people and objects in my mind, the way many kids do with the clouds in the sky.

Jean from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have always loved the library.  I grew up in Fishtown and I loved going into that library because it smelled like books. When my mom got me my first library card and said here you can borrow four books. It was like she gave me the key to a castle. Growing up you could always find me in a library.  After lunch in high school I would go to the library. Either to do homework or just sit and read.

Picturing Poetry

The combination of poetry and pictures has ancient roots, of course, but in our time, it shows up mostly in books published for children. But why should kids have all the fun? The eclectic list of titles below includes some of my favorite examples of how poetry can interact with artwork in surprising, beautiful ways, creating a unique experience for readers and viewers of all ages, including grown-ups.

2015 Indies Choice Book Awards Finalists

The finalists for the American Bookseller Association’s (ABA) 2015 Indies Choice Book Awards and the E. B. White Read-Aloud Awards have been announced. If you’re a member of the ABA, you can now cast your vote. Voting ends April 14th and winners will be announced on April 16th. The Indies Choice Book Award represents the types of books indie booksellers champion best, while the E. B.