9 Days Until Mystery Month!

There are times when the days, hours and minutes just seem to pass more slowly. When you’re buried alive, for instance. Or when you’re handcuffed to the radiator in a psychopath’s shotgun shack, just waiting for the distinctive sound of his murdermobile coming back up the street. (It’s an ice cream truck.) Or, worst of all, when you’re waiting for Booklist‘s Mystery Month to finally begin.

8 Days Until Mystery Month!

The waiting—will it never end? When Vito, Fingers, and Larry the Lock told you to watch the back door while they climbed up the drainpipe and went in through the skylight, it seemed like an easy way to make a quick fifty bucks. But they’ve been in there a while and, from the clanging and swearing clearly audible from your alley lookout, they’re not coming out any time soon. Every time you hear the whiz of tires on asphalt, you’re sure it’s the fuzz. You’re jumping out of your skin!

Carolina from San Juan Texas

Students at Elvis Ballew High School are creating poetry with the spines of books. As a librarian I work hard to help students connect to stories, literature, and poetry. What a better way than to help them see how easy it can be to come up with a good poem in honor of Poetry Month and library week! Being an alternative campus with students who have another chance at graduating, I found it very difficult to get them to want to read, to connect with a book, or simply want to pick up a book.