A Few Words Go a Long Way in These Picture Books

Lynn: Sometimes a few words go a long way. This is especially true in these new picture books where the author/illustrators use just a few simple words of text to tell the story along with their terrific, expressive illustrations. Don’t imagine this choice limits the stories though, because these are a real delight to read with preschoolers. I recently shared two of these with the pre-reading members of our focus group and they were a big hit.

Publishing U: Controlling the Flow of Information

Our readers are often curious about the process of writing books, and we’re happy to provide access to the experts! In this installment of our Publishing U series, CWA Diamond Dagger–award winning crime writer Simon Brett discusses a topic he’s asked about most often when tutoring writing courses—one that’s especially important for mystery writers.


With the Tribute Edition, Bone Finally Falls Off This Shelf of Shame

Cindy: This qualifies as a Mystery Month post. The primary mystery is: Why haven’t I read Jeff Smith’ Bone before? It certainly doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to deduce the answer. This graphic novel series is so popular in my middle school libraries that it doesn’t need my promotion and it’s hard getting a copy wrenched from the students’ hands. The publication of the new Out from Boneville: Tribute Edition intrigued me, though, and I begged Scholastic for a look-see.

The 100 Best Children’s and YA Mysteries of the Past 10 Years

As we did with the 101 Best Crime Novels of the Past Decade list for adults, we have collected Booklist‘s top 100 mysteries for youth reviewed over the past decade, from 2006–2015. Given the variety across genres and age groups, there’s sure to be something for every sleuth-in-training, from junior private eyes to the most hard-boiled teen detectives.