Jeff Sessions Preferred Dragnet: Talking with Al Franken, GIANT OF THE SENATE

It’s a little nerve-racking to sit down with a giant of the Senate, but Democratic Senator Al Franken of Minnesota wears the mantle lightly. To be clear, Giant of the Senate is the tongue-in-cheek title of his new book. But while it’s seasoned with humor, there’s plenty of meat.

Talking Race, Kid Lit, and EVERYBODY’S SON with Thrity Umrigar

About 15 years ago, when Thrity Umrigar was already a successful journalist and about to become an English professor, she attended a lecture at Emerson College in Boston and left with her first literary agent. Shortly thereafter, her debut novel, Bombay Time, hit the shelves. Balancing a reporter’s eye for detail with academic rigor, Umrigar has written six more novels, a memoir, and a children’s picture book.

New Survey Says Libraries Are Feeling the Audiobook Love

In 2016, audiobook sales grew by double-digits—a 33.9% increase, to be exact. Now, more than 67 million Americans listen to audiobooks each year. These numbers, derived from a just-released study sponsored by the Audio Publishers Association, show that the audiobook boom just keeps on booming—great news to use as you promote June is Audiobook Month.

Booklisters at Printers Row Lit Fest

Any Chicagoans reading this should know that the Printers Row Lit Fest is happening this Saturday and Sunday on historic Printer’s Row. Booklist editors will be out in full force, wresting ice cream cones from the hands of crying children appearing on panels, leading discussions, and being generally awesome. To follow is a Booklist-centric Printers Row schedule.