August LibraryReads in Print and on Audio

LibraryReads has announced its August 2018 selections! Check out the ten titles chosen by librarians below, linked to their Booklist reviews when available. For those of you who prefer to listen rather than read, we’ve hunted down the producers of the audio versions when available and have provided ordering information. Please note that we have not yet had time to review these new and forthcoming audios.

Book Trailer Thursday: WHAT IF…

With stunning textures and lyrical storytelling, this tale of a young girl with an insatiable creativity will inspire any creator who peruses its pages. Samantha Berger and Mike Curato collaborate to give life to a protagonist who daydreams how she would express her creativity if, say, she no longer had a pencil. She could certainly fold paper into lovely shapes, but what if there were no paper?

Giraffe v. Balloon: NECK & NECK

Cindy: I didn’t even have to open this book before I started laughing. The cover art will catch the eyes of young readers and let them know there is some humorous, I mean serious competition in store. Neck & Neck (2018) by Elise Parsley features Leopold, everyone’s favorite animal at the zoo—that is, until a little boy announces that his giraffe balloon is “just like the real thing, only better.” What?