Happy National Procrastination Week

Cindy and Lynn: We were going to write a great post about National Procrastination Week (March 5-11, 2017) a few days ago. . . but we put it off.  We were busy building a display for the library. It’s been a hit. (Thanks, Pinterest.)

One of the purported benefits of a designated week of procrastination is a decrease in stress and anxiety. Who among us couldn’t use some of that? Sign us up. Or don’t.

Celebrate International Women’s Day with Books by and about Women Journalists

As we celebrate more than half of the human race on International Women’s Day—during a time of “fake news” and yet another cycle of escalating human rights violations, prejudice, hate crimes, and a general failure of compassion—we feel moved to pay tribute to women journalists, valiant reporters on life’s many front lines who are dedicated to observing, documenting, and telling stories that are crucial to our being informed and caring participants in the human endeavor.

Crazy House.

Patterson, James (author) and Gabrielle Charbonnet (author).
May 2017. 352p. Little, Brown/JIMMY Patterson, hardcover, $17.99 (9780316431316); Little, Brown/JIMMY Patterson, e-book, $9.99 (9780316431330). Grades 9-12.

THE SECRET PROJECT: Building the Atomic Bomb for Kids

Cindy: The shadowy deeds in the 1940s New Mexico desert that culminated in “the gadget”— the world’s first atomic bomb—come hauntingly to life in Jonah and Jeanette Winter’s The Secret Project (2017). The book’s opening images of boys at play in a remote school juxtaposed with the closed, silent school that will become the headquarters of the titular secret project cast an ominous tone.