Diverting and Informative Audiobook Nonfiction for Summer Listening

For decades, I read almost no nonfiction. Although I was tempted occasionally, it was always a slog. Then I discovered audiobooks, and they opened up a whole new world world. Now, when I check out ALA’s Notable Books or Carnegie medalists, I’m more likely to have read the nonfiction than the fiction titles.

The Latest Booklist: Spotlight on Picture Books and Graphic Novels

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Hello, Rachel Khong: Talking with the Former Lucky Peach Editor about her Debut Novel, GOODBYE, VITAMIN

Rachel Khong’s first novel, Goodbye, Vitamin, is a story of regular people dealing with irregular things. It dials down the looming menace of that which we fear the most for ourselves and our loved ones, while underlining just how extraordinary it is to be a person surrounded by other people.