2017 National Book Award Finalists Announced

Earlier this morning, the National Book Foundation announced its 2017 finalists. Find them below, listed by category and linked to their Booklist reviews when available. For those of you not attending the awards ceremony, don’t forget to join us on Twitter the evening of November 15 as Booklist Reader editor Eugenia Williamson live-tweets the whole shabang in real time.


Lady Liberty On the Move: HER RIGHT FOOT

Lynn: Every now and then, a book comes along that makes us want to cheer and wave wildly. Picture us doing that right now for Her Right Foot (2017), by Dave Eggers. Full of fascinating facts about the iconic Statue of Liberty, it tells us the statue turned green around 1920, and that it was shipped to the U. S. from France in 214 boxes. Did you know that the statue was first assembled in France and stood over Paris for about a year?

Looking for Alaska: Biome Books for Grownups

This month’s Booklist contains a Spotlight on series nonfiction that includes includes two articles about biomes. What if I told you I had no idea what a biome was until I saw these articles? I can’t tell if my education failed me, or a biome is just one of these newfangled terms that Gen Y-ers racing toward the grave weren’t taught in the 80s. (I’m guessing the former.)

Reviews of the Week, with Matt Taibbi, Libba Bray, Rachel McKibbens, and More!

Every weekday, we feature a different review on Booklist Online that highlights starred reviews, high-demand titles, and / or titles especially relevant to our current issue’s spotlight. We’ve collected the reviews from October 2 through October 6 so that you can revisit the week’s best books.


October 2

Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day with 10 Excellent Books by Native American Authors

While cities and states across the nation celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day, why not pick up one of these outstanding books by an outstanding Native American author? The following ten titles are linked to their excerpted Booklist reviews.