Red Cards and Zebra Stripes: 15 Books about Referees, Umpires, and Other Sports Officials

Two things about the books on this list. One, the titles are great. From Planet of the Umps to You’ve Got to Have Balls to Make It in This League (and no fewer than two books titled Let’s Get It On), you’d almost think the authors’ careers had included countless hours of downtime in locker rooms thinking about what to call their books.

RESCUE AND JESSICA: A Picture-Book Story of Love and Courage

Lynn: Married only a year, runners Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes were badly injured in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Both lost limbs and, in the dark days that followed, Jessica endured many surgeries as doctors fought to save her remaining foot and leg. Then a black lab service dog, Rescue, came into their lives. Rescue’s assistance and, more importantly, his companionship helped push the darkness away.

“The Lottery” and More Short Stories on the Big Screen

Last month, Paramount announced a feature-length adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” a famously chilling short story that featured a sacrificial lottery, children-on-children violence, and a cruel, opaque government 60 years before the The Hunger Games. This marks the fourth time the tale has been made into a movie; the penultimate time, NBC cast Keri Russell and Dan Cortese in the lead roles[Ed. note: !!!!!]