Announcing Our Latest Recap: S-Town, the New Podcast from Serial Productions

A couple of years ago, a friend asked me if I was into some new podcast. Well, I’d listened to podcasts before, but I’d mostly encountered stream-of-consciousness-type chat podcasts that didn’t seem very compelling. This one was different, she said. “It’s called Serial, and it’s about a high school girl who got murdered years and years ago, but these reporters are re-investigating the story because they don’t think her boyfriend did it.”

The Latest Booklist: Spotlight on Series Nonfiction

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Three Picture Books for the Birds

Cindy: More snow. It’s for the birds, but at least it’s given me the opportunity to sneak in another snowy book as we look toward spring. Best in Snow (2017), by April Pulley Sayre, contains stunning photos of snowflakes and icicles. Various other forms of snow—from crusty to slushy—show the cycles of changing winter weather. Birds flock to feeders or rest on branches protected from the cold, drifting flakes by their layers of feathers.