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Every weekday, we feature a different review on Booklist Online that highlights starred reviews, high-demand titles, and/or titles especially relevant to our current issue’s spotlight. We’ve collected the reviews from March 27 through 31 so that you can revisit the week’s best books.

Monday, March 27

Passport to Romance

An intimate dinner for two at an off-the-beaten path Tuscan ristorante. A moonlight stroll along the Left Bank of the Seine. Watching the sun come up over the savanna. Letting the gentle breeze caress your cheek while standing on a warm beach in the Caribbean. It all sounds wonderfully romantic, doesn’t it? That is, until you think about all the work packing involves. And standing in those never-ending TSA lines at the airport. And scrunching into seats on an airplane like sardines in a can.

This Week on Well Read TV: Ian Rankin Talks about RATHER BE THE DEVIL

This week on Well Read, award-winning author Ian Rankin will be speaking with hosts Elisa Jaffe and Mary Anne Gwinn about his latest installment to the best-selling Rebus series, Rather Be the Devil, released January 31. Here, “legendary but retired Edinburgh detective” John Rebus revisits a decades-old cold case, only to find himself up against “turf battles” with police and “Scotland’s reigning crime lords”, serious corruption, and a relentless race against his own mortality.