MOXIE Girls Fight Back!

Lynn: High-school junior Vivian Carter has always loved looking in the battered shoebox labeled “My Misspent Youth” on her mother’s shelf. These days, Vivian’s mom is a widowed, hard-working urgent care nurse. But back in the day, Viv’s mom was a punk rock-loving, feminist zine-creating Riot Grrl, and that box is full of mementos of that time. But, as Viv’s grandmother notes, the “rebellious gene” certainly seems to have bypassed “our dutiful Vivian.”

Reviews of the Week, with Peggy Orenstein, Melissa Albert, and Tina Brown

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Monday, November 20

Vanity Fair Diaries, Tina Brown

BIG CAT, LITTLE CAT: The Pet Life Cycle Explained for the Picture-Book Crowd

Cindy: “There was a cat who lived alone. Until the day a new cat came.” So begins Elisha Cooper’s spare but powerful book, BIG CAT, little cat (2017). Details are minimal—the big cat is white and outlined with heavy black lines, while the new kitten is solid black with a white eye and some black whiskers—but oh, what Cooper can do with tails, paws, and lines to bring these two cats to life.

2018 Spoken Word Grammy Nominees Announced, and a Freebie from the Boss

The Recording Academy announced the 2018 Grammy Award nominees yesterday. This year’s Ed Sheeran snub shocked many, but an equal number of people may be surprised to hear that the Grammys honor audiobooks—but they have been recognized in the Spoken Word category since 1959. Often, these works include audiobooks written by celebrities and read by the authors.

The Latest Booklist: Spotlight on Sci-Tech

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