Hungry for Love: 16 Tales of Food-Based Romance

Food has the ability to engage at least four of our basic senses, five if you count the sound of popcorn popping or the sizzle of a hot steak. Is it really surprising that food is often an important ingredient in romance fiction? Couple that sensory appeal with just how steamy things can get in the kitchen—is it the stove or the way-too-sexy chef giving off all that heat?—and authors have all the fixings for a delectable story guaranteed to satisfy any reader’s craving for romance.

2018 Man Booker Prize Shortlist Announced

The Man Booker Prize committee announced the shortlist for its 2018 award, with the winner to be announced on October 16. Find the shortlist titles below, linked to their Booklist reviews when available. (Everything Under and The Long Take will be published in January, while Milkman doesn’t yet have a U.S. publication date.)


Everything Under, by Daisy Johnson

The Long Take, by Robin Robertson

Book Trailer Thursday: HIP & HOP IN THE HOUSE!

Hip is a bunny who raps super fast, while Hop is a turtle who raps super slow. Apart, their rapping doesn’t catch on with the crowd, and it is only by teaming up that they can grab the attention of the residents of Oldskool county. Hip and Hop in the House! collects both Hip and Hop, Don’t Stop! (2010) and its sequel, Yes, Yes, Yaul! (2012), and packages them together with a never-before-published comic adventure.

HOW WE ROLL: A Novel of Identity and Friendship

Lynn: On the first day of high school in a new town, with a chance to make a new life, Quinn looks at the two wigs on her bureau. Should she be Guinevere or Sasha? It’s been 408 days since she lost all her hair to an autoimmune disorder, during which time her eighth-grade friends drifted away and a horrible incident during a party game turned her life to misery for a spell. Now she wants to fit in, be normal, and stay under the radar.


Lynn: What does it take to end oppression and injustice? Many of us would suggest the inspiration of an exceptional leader, but I believe in the bravery and determination of ordinary people. Alice Fay Duncan’s moving picture book, Memphis, Martin, and the Mountaintop: The Sanitation Strike of 1968 (2018), is a prime example.