Richard from Memphis, Tennessee

On a recent summer day, it came to my attention that my children were bored. This alert was not a subtle one; these are not subtle kids. The two syllables of "I'm bored" came out in the droning, whining tone of one of those French police sirens: "I'mmm bored … I'mmm bored."

Because the temperature was creeping up toward 100 degrees, I packed up my two daughters and took them to the coolest place I could think of: the public library. Once there, I filled out enough paperwork to either get them their very first library cards or to buy a whole other child.

Katie from Chicago, Illinois

You would think that as an elementary school teacher with an English minor and a house and classroom full of books that I would frequent the public library as often as possible.

Well, up until a week or so ago, I had never been the proud owner of a library card. However, I can now proudly boast to anyone who will listen that I have a library card and I LOVE it!

Here’s why:

1. It is frugal living to the max.
2. It is environmentally friendly.
3. Book, books and more books.

Beth from Illinois

As a single mom living on a shoestring budget, there are few places I love more than our local library. Ever since my son was a baby we’ve been regulars, dropping by for pop-in story time, sing-a-longs, and even kid yoga. Now that my “baby” is 6, we’re still regulars, only now he is the one who searches for the monthly calendar and circles all the events that look interesting. From learning how to make a paper airplane to dropping in for family movie time, our public library has become our home away from home.

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