Helen from Hudson, Massachusetts

With the help of libraries, I published a book—3 different editions—and created a profitable web site.

Fourteen years ago, my husband and I attended a library book sale and were discussing how we could find other sales. Our family had relied on libraries—and library book sales—throughout our sons' school years, but now our sons had careers of their own—my work was finished. It was just the two of us, and book sales were still a weekend ritual.

Michelle from Brooklyn

Three years ago I started my own business, ScooterFood LLC, a homemade dog food manufacturing company inspired by my dog, Scooter Mae (left). I’m happy to say that in 2007, ScooterFood is a thriving business but at the beginning I was a complete novice—and out of work. I had the entrepreneurial spirit but no expertise. I had no money. But I did have my public library card.

Donna from Steubenville, Ohio

Our Public Library Helped Me Organize for Success

“You should do this as a business!” That's what I repeatedly heard from family, friends, and co-workers as I helped them get organized at home and at the office. Organizing was something I enjoyed doing and came naturally to me, so helping others clear clutter and make great use of their space was more fun than a favor. But my background was in theatre, not business, so what did I know about running a business?


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The Curran Family from Illinois

The library is one of the greatest assets that a community can provide for families.   Where else can you go and find rows and rows of books, access to computers, DVDs, music, games for kids, and activities and programming designed to educate and entertain?!   And, the best part of all of this is that it is free!   Before my children were school-aged, I treated the library as their school.   We would go once a week for storytime and to check out a new stack of books.   Reading has always been a key part of my husband’s and my interaction wit