Doing the Devil's Work.

Loehfelm, Bill (author).
Jan. 2015. 320p. Farrar/Sarah Crichton, hardcover, $26 (9780374298586).
REVIEW. First published January 1, 2015 (Booklist). Staten Island cocktail waitress turned New Orleans cop Maureen Coughlin returns in her third outing (following The Devil in Her Way, 2013). A officer’s daily patrolling can go wrong in an instant, as Coughlin’s does when she makes a routine traffic stop and is quickly ensnared in just the kind of escalating case a rookie cop wants to avoid: from murder to domestic terrorism to rampant police corruption. As he’s shown in the earlier installments in this series, Loehfelm has a real feel for capturing the nearly impenetrable culture of the NOPD;

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Jenn from California

"What could be better than meeting up at your local library for storytime with other moms who are looking for something fun, organized and free?"

The library has been a staple part of our activities and schedule for as long as I can remember being a mom. What could be better than meeting up at your local library for storytime with other moms who are looking for something fun, organized and free?

Ande from Maryland

“His ability to read has given him the confidence to dream big, and he does not view his dyslexia as a problem at all.”

Ande Fraser, a home-schooling mother of three based in Smithburg, Maryland, says she had to learn to “think outside the box” when she found out her 10-year-old son, Carrington, was dyslexic.

“We had to look at how we were addressing things in life,” she says, referring to her family who reads together every night.

Fisher Family from Washington

"I have come to appreciate the library as a way to connect with our larger community – a community that values reading and learning."

Going to the library is my kids’ favorite rainy-day activity.  And since we live in the damp Pacific Northwest, we go often! 

Our trips to the library began when the boys were little and we went to the weekly baby and toddler story time with the children’s librarian.  It was a great way for us to get out and meet other parents with young kids, some of whom have become good friends. 

Laura from Illinois

"Our public library makes all kinds of cultural events and learning experiences available to all kids – regardless of their economic status."

Laura Curley of Chicago got her son a library card as soon as the 3-year-old could write his name. She’s grateful for the wealth of knowledge the library offers her now 4-year-old son, who favors authors Roald Dahl and Mary Pope. But Curley is especially thankful for the Chicago Public Library’s Kraft Great Kids Museum Pass program, which offers free family passes to multiple Chicago cultural institutions.

Great Books for Children and Young Adults: Our Favorites from 2014

It’s So Hard to Choose . . . 

Cindy and Lynn: It’s that time again! We have to join the fray and list our favorite books of 2014. Some of these are surely award contenders, others are just personal favorites that we think are worthy of highlighting at year’s end. Some we blogged and some we didn’t but at least want to include here. This year Cindy is serving on a nonfiction award committee so she is avoiding listing any nonfiction.