Dorothy Gail from Chesnee, South Carolina

Settling in Spartanburg in late 1999, we began to construct a home.  It was our first, so research was needed.  It was off to the library to learn everything about building a house.

There were so many ideas and legal issues that were brought to my attention.  The library has taught me how to build.

I have learned about the type and care of trees that surround  and will protect the house.

A frog pond is being studied and constructed at this time from info from the library.

While my youngest child was in West Africa with the Peace Corpes, I learned where her village was located and the peoples she was helping.  I learned French so I could call and reach her through her French speaking village.
I have used the medical books to learn about my oldest childs recent diagnosis of MS.  It has helped me to understand what she is going through and how to discuss MS with her intelligently.

I have learned about pharmacy and have studied for a pharmacy test.

Cats, dogs, birds, chickens, snakes and other creatures have been studied through the books from the library.
I have studied stories in the childrens section to only learn to pen my own books and stories for children.
I have learned how to cope with depression and how to help others who are sad.

I bring home books and spend time learning and fantasizing and absorbing words and find myself traveling to foreign countries and worshiping other religions and tasting exotic foods and practicing magical spells and wake up to find myself in the easy chair where I opened the first book from the library.

The marvelous library has enlarged my brain and improved my life.

I have grown mentally, physically and spiritually because of the library.