At Queens Library, Clothes Make the Man

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by Joanne King, Associate Director – Communications, Queens Library

Kew Gardens Hills, NY, August 31, 2010 -- The children's librarians at Queens Library have been one-upping each other on summer reading challenges for years. The jury is still out for 2010; there are still several promising stunts to come. Daniel Meyer's will definitely be a contender for "notably outrageous."

Mr. Meyer is the children's librarian at Queens Library at Kew Gardens Hills. He promised to dress as Cinderella if his summer readers met their challenge. They blew it away. 

"I promised the kids that if they read at least 4000 books, I’d dress up as Cinderella. People keep telling me I’m really brave, but I just think, 'that’s what children’s librarians do.' After reading a book about Oobleck, a goofy stunt doesn’t seem all that strange. Actually, it provides stress relief, especially for the people watching me. And it motivated the kids to read a lot more than 4000 books,” said Mr. Meyer.

Purists will note the absence of glass slippers. They would have been against health and safety policies.
For those who can't get enough reading motivation, the whole hilarious episode will be posted at

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