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Milwaukee Public Library Message Attracts Worldwide Attention Lamar Companies promotes MPL in free ad campaign.

Thanks to the generosity of Lamar Companies, the Milwaukee Public Library has captured the interest of bibliophiles the world over through the promotion of three billboard ads.  Lamar prepared the ads for the Library and is running them on their digital billboards throughout Milwaukee County at no cost.

The literacy campaign was the idea of Dave Olson, Art Director of Lamar’s Milwaukee office.  Milwaukee Public Library Director Paula Kiely was contacted by Lamar’s Sales Manager, Jay Guidinger in December with the idea for the literacy campaign.  “When Jay sent me the ads I found them to be clever, fun, and a great way to encourage people to read.” 

The ad campaign immediately connected with younger people and received an enthusiastic response.  The ads have created a buzz on social media from Facebook to Twitter to Instant Messaging across the United States and as far away as Australia and Poland.  Fans of the campaign have contacted the Library to find out how they can purchase T-shirts, bumper stickers, and other promotional items to show their support of reading.

Kiely has shared the social media reaction with Lamar.  The firm is working on a response to this unexpected “viral” attention to the campaign.  “We’re very excited by the response.  Lamar’s creative idea has done more to get people thinking and talking about reading since Oprah launched her first book club,” said Kiely.

The campaign began on December 24 and will run through January 22.  The advertising is valued at more than $39,000.

CONTACT: Christine Murphy (414) 286-572 or Paula Kiely (414) 286-3020