Ninette from Eaton, Ohio

I was just explaining to my husband the other day the happiness that I felt when I go to the library. For some reason he decided he would go with my son and I. He had not been in a library since he had been in school. The funny thing was he had told my son we could only stay 30 minutes because he had things to get done that evening.

After Clay had found his books to check out and I had what I wanted, we went to find Mike. he was sitting at a reading table looking at a world atlas. Clay told him we were ready to go and Mike told him to sit for a bit he was looking at something. 30 more minutes passed and Clay told his dad that. He said just give me a couple of more minutes. 15 minutes later Clay once again says he is ready to go. Mike in his irritation says a person is not allowed to enjoy himself. We left and that's when I explained to him some of my fondness memories of  my childhood were spent at the library in my home town of Middletown Ohio.

He has never understood my love for books and why I buy them & buy them. He says I will never read them again. I say when we build our new home that we will retire in and I have my own library that I will be getting forgetful and will start over reading the same books again but seeing them all as new stories. He doesn't want to build me a library but I'm sure I will win in the end. I usually do get what I want from him. 
I don't know how old that library was but it was probably built in the late 1800's I'm guessing. We didn't have a lot of extra money in those days so going to the library was something we did often because it was free. My mother loved to read and it was something she passed onto me and that I am very grateful for.

I still remember the smell of the tall old shelves in the far back side of the library. I loved that smell. I associated it with good feelings. Now I realize that in was mold and dust. I'm not for sure if with all my allergies I would be able to spend hours there now. But I could not any way because that library has since closed down and a brand spankin new one built. It's real nice but it is still not the same. Sometimes old is better. In my mind it is anyway.

I remember finding myself books and hiding under tables and reading for what seemed like hours. No one bothering me or interrupting. I would lose myself in those stories and not hear anything else around me. I'm sure I wasn't there really for hours but to a child time goes by slowly.  All though we checked out as many books as possible to take home Mom still let us stay at the library to read. I'm sure in those days that was probably the only peace and quiet she got.
In the summer there was the book mobile. What a treat. A library on wheels! I kind of thought when I grow up I want to drive that thing around. Of course I grew up, got married young, did not get a job driving the book mobile, and once again low on funds and I rediscovered the library.

When my husband slept during the day after working the midnight shift, I would ride the bus downtown to the library and spend my days. I never made any friends there but I had all the company I needed. I had books. I had my daughter a few years later and as soon as she could walk I taught her the joys of the library.

We could sign up for family programs, FREE! WOW! We could make crafts, listen to stories and when she was 5 she got her own card. I still have that card with her 5 year old signature. I think I will frame it and hang it in my library someday. She is now in college. She doesn't care much for reading now but she does like to write.

Now I have my 9 year old son to take with me still and sometimes we get busy with life and don't go to the library as often but we always seem to get there when it's cold outside and not much to do. His homework every night requires him to read for 20 minutes every night. He seems to be enjoying it. I hope he keeps enjoying it and I hope some day he will take his children to the library and help them discover there niche there, weather it be looking at picture books, using the computer, reading a magazine, checking out movies, or just looking at a world atlas to see where they would like to go some day.