The Moehle Family from Michigan

Each of us found our own path to the library.  The Mom is what you’d call a bibliophile; she loves books and the library.  Her relationship began 36 years ago when Miss Bennett invited the children to storytime. The Mom sat down on the rug and proceeded to take her shoes and socks off –she’s been that comfortable with the library ever since. The Dad took a little coaxing. Once there he was pleasantly surprised “there were other dads, with kids! In the wooden boat reading, in the willow tree house playing, and browsing, like me.” Just like the willow trees in the library’s garden, The Sisters grew up in the library. The Big Sister and The Little Sister learned how to write their names with a simple process in mind: to get a library card, a patron must sign the card. The librarians were eager to help the fledgling library lovers begin their own relationship with the library. We wonder who enjoyed the experience more, the girls or the librarians.  Perhaps it was equal.

A visit to the library is usually a family affair. One member announces, “I need a trip to the library,” then a chorus of “me, too!” rings through the house. The library is a simple solution for families in our big, fast, ever-changing world. Sure you’ll be met with the quiet of books, but you’ll also find the hush of children’s voices, free concerts, access to the Internet, e-books, movies and music. As if by magic, time slows down at the library, and if that is not enough, the library also comes with librarians and volunteers, many smiling, all ready to help you navigate the library and find your own way to enjoy it, like a duck to water.

The Big Sister (Nadia Daniels Moehle), The Little Sister (Sonja Daniels Moehle), The Mom (Amy Daniels Moehle), and The Dad (David Moehle) started The Books for Walls Project in April 2010. Our website was created to support literacy, libraries and book love.