Mary from Middletown, Missouri

 My mother had a huge library at home and that instilled my love for books.  My first library trips were made when I was visiting my grandparents.  I read every Bobbsey Twin, Hardy Brothers, and  Nancy Drew book that the had in the library.

When I was a sixth grader, I started taking piano lessons and that enabled me to go to our local library every week.  I thought I was in heaven until time for me to check out.  I had headed straight for the adult section as that was the type of books I had been reading since third grade.

 I very carefully picked out  twenty-one books and precariously carried my stack to the check out only to be told I had to go to the children's section and I  could only have two books.  I was ready to bawl.  When my mother arrived, she talked to the librarian and I got to take all my books home.  

After that, the librarian became my best friend and I checked out twenty-one books every week and devoured them.  Needless to say, my family did not have television so I had plenty of time to read.  I remain an avid reader to this day and have become good friends with our school librarian.