Martin from New York, N.Y.

1. How long have you known the nominee and how did you come to know him or her?
Seamus Scanlon has been the librarian at the Center for Worker Education for the past two years.  In addition to establishing the library and overseeing its programs for the Center for Worker Education, which serves non-traditional students who pursue their degrees while attending classes in the evenings and on weekends, Seamus has worked with faculty to incorporate library resources into our curricula.

2. Please list a few ways in which the nominee has helped you and others and made your experience of the library a positive one.
Seamus has developed library tutorials for almost every one of my classes.  He introduces students to the services offered by the library, to the research tools available via online resources, and to the realm of scholarly debate that all good teaching and learning is founded upon.  Seamus has made our library into an active and lively component of our curricula, not just a supplement.

3. How has the library, and the nominee in particular, had an impact on students and faculty and the teaching and learning process? Please be specific.
In addition to his regular duties, Seamus delivers countless library tutorials to students and faculty both each and every semester.  He keeps faculty up to date on the latest research technologies and helps students navigate the ever-increasing wealth of online databases.  Most of all, though, he is always available to help, ready to answer research questions of all shapes and sizes.

4. How does the nominee make the college, community college, or university a better place? Please be specific.
Prior to Seamus's arrival at the Center for Worker Education, students had little access to library services and faculty curtailed the kinds of research projects they incorporated into their syllabi.  Thanks to Seamus, and to his untiring work with students, faculty members have transformed the curricula offered at the center into a research-driven format, benefiting not just faculty but students as well.

5. How has the individual demonstrated leadership in the campus community or the profession?
Working with our unique student population, Seamus has single-handedly helped to address the increasing digital divide in our society.  Thanks to him, students leaving our program are as well prepared for digital research and learning as students from anywhere else in the country.