Lynn from Sharpsburg, Georgia

One of my favorite libraries was located on Plattsburg Air Force Base in Upstate New York. This military post was close some time back, but we were stationed there when our daughter was very little.

Six to eight months of the year we had totally foul weather and feet of snow so I would pack her up and go get a stack of books from the base library. We were often the only people there and she would crawl throught the bookshelves while I made selections.

I discovered many books I had missed as a child and kept a running list of favorites to purchase for our own collection at home. We always filled our bag with about twenty books for the week and read every one at least a couple of times.

Now my daughter is about to graduate from college with a
 communication degree and she is still an avid reader with floor to ceiling bookcases in her bedroom at home. Her collection started with inspiration from that small military base library.