Terri Gallagher

Terri Gallagher

Reference librarian
Community College of Beaver County Library
Monaca, Pennsylvania

Terri is the heart of Community College of Beaver County Library

As reference librarian, Terri develops programs that provide more opportunities for learning and community engagement for students as well as local residents.

Her nominator said, “Terri is, in essence, the heart of the library–the beating, emotional lifeblood of what makes the library at CCBC a special place for all.”

She is known for her special ability to engage with students with creative programming. For example, she holds “Game of Thrones” and “Peter Pan” -themed orientations for freshman to highlight all the resources that can be accessed through the library.

By partnering with the local public library system, Terri helped start a community-wide program to encourage everyone to read the same book. Book discussions were held at the college’s library and public libraries throughout the county.

She also collaborated with public service agencies to host a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) event for underserved youth and their families.

Additionally, Terri received grant money to provide student parents with games and building blocks for their children. She felt students would be less stressed about coming to the library with their children if they knew there were activities for them.

Terri Gallagher full nomination (PDF)