Tamara Lea Cox

Tamara Lea Cox

School librarian
Wren High School
Piedmont, South Carolina

Tamara’s work is a testament to the power of forging partnerships

During her tenure, Tamara has transformed the school library into a hub of learning through collaboration between students, teachers and families as well as partnerships with local organizations and other schools.

She developed a summer program to promote reading to incoming freshman. Partnering with the local middle school, she visits students before they arrive at school to get them signed up for new book clubs and check out books. When the students attend high school in the fall, they meet with the teacher facilitator to discuss the books.

Tamara worked with the county election commission to bring voting booths into the school for a state book award contest. The activity exposed students to the voting process and she also provided voter registration forms for the school’s older students.

To make learning more engaging, Tamara incorporates technology into her work. For instance, to teach students about evaluating online information and fake news, she set up a digital game to see how their skills measured up against others.

Her nominator confirmed Tamara has “built a culture of reading throughout the school, faculty and students.”

As a result of Tamara’s efforts, the students now look to the library as a place to turn to for help, whether it’s researching sources, getting advice on how to use technology or find school supplies. Students count on Tamara and the library to provide guidance.

After hearing she was one of this year’s winners, Tamara stated, “It is an honor to serve my students as they progress through high school and prepare for their lives beyond school. I love getting to know my students and being a resource for them and our school faculty and staff. I enjoy creating a library atmosphere that is welcoming and helpful.”

Tamara Cox full nomination (PDF)