Nancy Lynn Daniel

Nancy Lynn Daniel

Library director
Western Piedmont Community College Library
Morganton, North Carolina

Nancy’s dedication and compassion are felt all over campus

Nancy has broadened the college library’s reach and impact on students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community.

Her talent for teaching makes her an invaluable partner in the academic learning process. Through her fun and engaging orientations and classes, she teaches students how to find accurate and reliable data and write citations for papers. She assists faculty and staff by ensuring new resources with the latest research and teaching strategies are available to be used in classrooms.

Nancy’s nominator stated, “She evokes the spirit of the library,” and that “her leadership is one of the many threads that bind our campus community together.”

Nancy is also committed to making the library an inclusive space that meets the needs of all on campus. During exam periods, she sets up a special station with stress-relief coloring sheets, essential oils, poppable bubble wrap and candy to promote student wellbeing. She also works with college staff to keep a cart stocked in the library with non-perishable foods and toiletries for low-income students.

She is always looking for opportunities to bring students and community members to the library. To that end, the library has hosted events like Constitution Day, Welcome Back Students Pizza Day, Puppy Therapy Day and Student Resource Day.

Nancy’s response to the award was: “I hope and strive to help our students, faculty, staff and community find what they need, whether it is research material, a movie, some fun reading material, or a shoulder to cry on.” She continued, “Graduation is always such an uplifting time, to see students that you have helped out make it across the stage with that diploma!”

Nancy Lynn Daniel full nomination (PDF)