Joy Lynn Bridwell

Joy Lynn Bridwell

Stone Child College Library
Box Elder, Montana

Joy’s devotion to her community shines through her work

Joy is commended for engaging students, many of whom may not be familiar with library resources and services. She also works to continually extend the role of the library to meet the needs of the community of the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation as well as the surrounding areas.

She provides library literacy training for students. To make it more fun and engaging, Joy holds scavenger hunts with prizes. And she hosts library tours and trainings for community members who live nearby to introduce them to resources and services that are available through the school. 

Joy works with the library’s tribal archive, often partnering with local elders to add and create Cree-language materials to the collection.
She helps bring the community together by planning and hosting events on campus. The library has held events like game night and a talent competition. During midterms, the library held a karaoke event to help students relieve stress and have fun.

In the words of her nominator, “Joy loves her job and you can see that in the way that she works with everyone that comes in the library” and that she “never turns down anyone when they ask for help or assistance.”

Joy Lynn Bridwell full nomination (PDF)