Dr. Linda E. Robinson

Dr. Linda E. Robinson

Coordinator of library/media services
Mansfield Middle School
Mansfield, Connecticut

Linda’s efforts have built a strong community of readers

Linda cultivates a love of literacy and learning in students through creative programming. She has developed a strong school library program to ensure her students have the best chance to succeed.
One such program is the One School, One Read initiative which encourages staff and students to read a book together. Linda helps to bring each book to life with a lunch-time celebration with a meal that reflects the book’s setting, staff dressing up as characters and putting up decorations and playing music from the time period.

Linda has two dogs that are trained as therapy and certified reading dogs. Her dogs come to the library to help students who are struggling with anxiety or those who have disabilities. The dogs also have Twitter accounts for making book recommendations.

To keep students reading during the summer months, she brings a school bus full of books for all ages to different neighborhoods, including underserved areas. The bus makes visits three days a week throughout the summer months so children can continue to read and learn. The books reach families who can’t always make it to the public library.

Her nominator stated, “She is a master teacher, commensurate collaborator, team player and cheerleader for all of our children.”

Dr. Linda E. Robinson full nomination (PDF)