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I Love My Librarian Award

Congratulations to this year's winners of the I Love My Librarian Award!

Thank you to all the library supporters who sent in nominations. More than 1900 library patrons submitted detailed stories regarding how their librarian had an impact on their communities and lives. Recipients were selected for their dedicated public service and the valuable role they play in our nation’s communities in transforming lives through education.

For the first time ever, the I Love My Librarian Award Ceremony and Reception was held at the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting. Watch the archived livestream from the Grand Ballroom at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia to hear from each of the winners and learn their inspiring stories about the power of libraries and librarians.


Members of the media, please visit the I Love My Librarian Award Press Kit for further resources and contact information.

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Jesús Alonso-Regalado

University at Albany, State University of New York
Albany, New York

“Jesús goes above and beyond in his support of faculty in every way: Knowing that we can count on Jesús for this kind of support and personalized attention is invaluable and helps support the university’s teaching mission immeasurably.”


Read more about Jesús Alonso-Regalado


Stephanie Lynn Dannehl

Bertrand Community School
Bertrand, Nebraska

“The technology that Mrs. Dannehl has been able to make available to us has definitely changed the way that I teach and has given the students in our school an opportunity that many do not get.”


Read more about Stephanie Lynn Dannehl


Cathy Gulley Evans

St. Mary's Episcopal School: James Frederick Smith Library
Memphis, Tennessee

“Cathy insists that the library is the center of learning, and she is a gifted instructor. She works directly with teachers to create assignments that encourage critical thinking and student engagement.”


Read more about Cathy Gulley Evans


Melissa Glanden

Powhatan High School
Powhatan, Virginia

“Mrs. Glanden continues to evangelize the benefits of having a maker culture at the high school level in regards to student voice and choice, building skills and resilience, creating engaging hands-on activities, and showcasing both low- and high-tech maker activities.”


Read more about Melissa Glanden


MaryAnne Hansen

Montana State University: Renne Library
Bozeman, Montana

“Mary Anne’s dedication to serving all with kindness and sensitivity is clear in every aspect of her librarianship, but it is most evident in the energy and attention she has given for so many years to the learning and engagement needs of tribal college librarians.”


Read more about MaryAnne Hansen


Homa Naficy

Hartford Public Library - The American Place
Hartford, Connecticut

“She is the epitome of a visionary and dedicated librarian, and her career has been devoted to creating services for underserved populations.”


Read more about Homa Naficy


Maria Papanastassiou

Arlington Heights Memorial Library
Arlington Heights, Illinois

“Families with diverse needs have found a home at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library due to the above and beyond work, passion, and dedication of one very special librarian.”


Read more about Maria Papanastassiou


Leah Plocharcyzk

Florida Atlantic University's John D. MacArthur Campus Library
Jupiter, Florida

“Leah is the type of librarian who promotes a love of learning and literature in all students.”


Read more about Leah Plocharcyzk


Janet Tom

San Francisco Public Library
San Francisco, California

“She not only brings community together, she creates community.”


Read more about Janet Tom


Tracie Walker-Reed

H. Grady Spruce High School
Dallas, Texas

“At our school, our unsung hero is Tracie Walker-Reed.”


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