2018 Winners

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Congratulations to the 10 winners of the 2018 I Love My Librarian Award! Thank you to all the library supporters who sent in nominations. More than 1000 library patrons submitted detailed stories regarding how their librarian had an impact on their communities and lives. 2018 recipients were selected for their dedicated public service and the valuable role they play in our nation’s communities in transforming lives through education.

Press release: American Library Association Announces I Love My Librarian Awards


For the first time ever, the ALA presented a livestream of the I Love My Librarian Award ceremony on at Carnegie Corporation of New York’s headquarters in Manhattan. Dr. Vartan Gregorian, President of Carnegie Corporation of New York, and William P. Kelly, Andrew W. Mellon Director of the Research Libraries at New York Public Library, were featured speakers. American Library Association President Loida Garcia-Febo and ALA Immediate Past President James Neal presented the awards.


2018 Winners

Ginny Norris Blackson

Central Washington University
Ellensburg, Washington

“Ginny Blackson is a powerhouse of ideas, gumption, and action. Her sincere care for the students she teaches, colleagues she interacts with, and populations she serves is manifested in the big and small actions she contributes to libraries.”

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Joy Lynn Bridwell

Stone Child College
Box Elder, Montana

“Students who have graduated from Stone Child College and have gone off to other colleges or universities will call or email her when they need help with research. Her services extend to students beyond the walls of the Stone Child College library.”

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Tamara Lea Cox

Wren High School
Piedmont, South Carolina

“Whether it is visiting congressional offices to speak up for public education, increasing book access for low-income students, or co-teaching to fight fake news, Mrs. Cox uses her creativity and positive energy to serve our school and community.”

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Nancy Lynn Daniel

Western Piedmont Community College
Morganton, North Carolina

“She evokes the spirit of the Library, gives unequivocally of herself daily, has made our college the best place to be, and impacts everyone on our campus.  Her leadership is one of the many threads that bind our campus community together.”

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Jennifer Berg Gaither

Baltimore City College
Baltimore, Maryland

“What sets Ms. Jennifer Berg Gaither apart is unwavering belief in her students’ ability to achieve and her unrelenting commitment to developing in her students the skills they need to realize their goals and ambitions.”

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Terri Gallagher

Community College of Beaver County
Monaca, Pennsylvania

“Her passion and dedication to the library is evident in so many ways, whether she is helping a student, a patron, a faculty member, or a co-worker, Terri goes the extra mile…. Working with Terri has made me a better person.”

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Stephanie H. Hartwell-Mandella

Katonah Village Library
Katonah, New York

“Whether connecting through one-on-one interactions or broad community outreach, Stephanie is a community catalyst who is at the core of why the Katonah Village Library is a go-to destination for children and caregivers from far and wide.”

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Paula Kelly

Whitehall Public Library
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Paula uses her remarkable knowledge, ability and integrity as a library director in southwestern Pennsylvania to build community connections and educate residents that there should be a better way for us all to live together.”

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Dr. Linda E. Robinson

Mansfield Middle School
Mansfield, Connecticut

“In Linda’s eyes, nothing is ever impossible. She believes that with hard work, a little creativity, and a keen eye for the end result anything is possible.”

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Lindsey Tomsu

Algonquin Area Public Library District
Algonquin, Illinois

“She created a haven for book lovers, book haters, nerds and geeks, athletes, popular kids and misfits, teens questioning their identities and orientations, diverse teens, rich and poor alike, and more.”

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