A Well-traveled Message

The Libraries Transform campaign's “Because” statements contain powerful messages about the value of libraries. One Michigan library found they have the potential to go viral. The Caro Area District Library placed the statement, “Because not everything on the internet is true,” in big black letters on its marquee that faces traffic as people pass or turn into the library. After a photo of the sign was posted on Facebook, its popularity quickly spread on social media, reaching more than 2.5 million people. The post proved so contagious that George Takei of “Star Trek” fame reposted the picture, calling it, “A good read.”

Ohio Library Council Uses Libraries Transform Campaign to Speak to State Legislators

The Ohio Library Council (OLC), the voice of Ohio’s public librarians, will use the American Library Association’s Libraries Transform public awareness campaign to speak to state legislators as it ramps up its advocacy efforts in response to reduced or stagnant funding stemming from the recession. The OLC has adopted the theme Ohio Libraries Transform for this year’s OLC Legislative Day. A key component of OLC’s efforts will be the campaign’s “Because” statements.


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