Library Customizes Campaign to Meet Community Needs

Since adopting the Libraries Transform campaign, the Upper Arlington (Ohio) Public Library has made the campaign its own, not only utilizing the existing “Because” statements, but crafting statements to suit its needs.

“We’re having fun coming up with our own ‘Because’ statements,” said Christine Minx, the library’s marketing and community relations manager. “We were really excited when we found we could do that. We like the simplicity of the design and the message and we like to be able to tailor things specifically to our community.”

The library, which is located near Columbus and the campus of Ohio State University, launched its participation at a donor and volunteer appreciation breakfast held during National Library Week.

Right from the start, the library’s creativity was front and center. The invitations for the appreciation breakfast were designed to look like a “Because” poster and read "Because we couldn't do it without you." Attendees sat below the atrium banners and viewed a slideshow loop featuring additional ALA “Because” statements, as well as the library’s original statements, such as "Because the summer slide isn't playground equipment," "Because the report is due tomorrow," "Because your printer always breaks when you need it" and "Because sometimes your smartphone outsmarts you."

“Because” statements were incorporated into the table centerpieces, and the library director's remarks also incorporated many “Because” statements.

Screenshot of tweet: Ella & mom Erica tell us that the Library has changed Ella's life through reading & having fun. #LibrariesTransform (Mother and daughter reading with sign: Because 5 out of 5 doctors agree reading aloud to children supports brian deveIn addition, the slides also featured "Because of you...Thank You" statements that illustrated how the library used money from donors, as well as "Because of you we could..." with ideas for future donations.

Libraries Transform banners festoon the Main Library’s atrium, with six vinyl banners hanging for long-term display. These include statements like, "Because Libraries cared about your privacy before it was a thing” and "Because information can change your world."

The library uses Libraries Transform messages on its Facebook page and Twitter feed on what it calls “Transform Tuesday.” One recent post featured a young patron who wrote that the library has changed her life through "reading and having fun."

The sky is the limit for Upper Arlington’s Libraries Transform campaign.

“We are looking forward to developing new ways to use the Libraries Transform campaign, including creating T-shirts to wear in our community's annual 4th of July parade,” Minx said.